Edit, Delete or Duplicate a Form

How to edit an existing form

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Edit a Form

Click on the Inspection module and then select 'Forms' from the menu on the left toolbar.

Select which form you'd like to edit by clicking the arrow to the far right of the form name.

Use the pencil icon on the card you would like to edit to open the form editor. Make any necessary changes and then select Save once finished. Use the trash can icon to delete the card from the form.

You can also rearrange cards by dragging and dropping them in the order you'd like.

Delete a Form

Select the Delete button in the top right corner and confirm that you want to delete the form.

Keep in mind all previous inspections completed on the form will still remain in your account. You will see a 'deleted' indicator on any previous inspections.

Duplicate a Form

Select the Duplicate button in the top right corner to copy a form. Give your form a new name and then select Save.

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