Assigning vehicles to a form enables you to match your vehicles with the right forms. When selecting a vehicle in the app, your drivers will only see a list of forms assigned to that vehicle. 

You can access the Vehicles module by logging in here. 

Click on the 'Vehicles' module from the menu on the left.

Check the box/boxes on the left of the vehicle you want to assign. Then hover your mouse over the 'Actions' button to select the 'Assign forms' option.
Please note: You are able to select multiple vehicles at once to be assigned to a form or multiple forms.

A popup will appear with a list  of your forms. Select the forms you want to assign to the vehicle/s.

Click save and now drivers will only be able to select the form/s that have been assigned to that particular vehicle.

You can also assign a vehicle to a form from within the vehicle profile. You can see the list of forms that are already assigned and click on add/remove forms to edit this list.

Please note: By default all vehicles are assigned to all forms.

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