Missed Inspection Reminders can be turned on to automatically send a push notification to a Driver who has missed their assigned vehicle inspection for the day. Managers that are following this Driver will also receive an email notification of the missed inspection.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Reminders tab. Select Missed Inspection Reminder category.

Step 2:

Begin by giving your reminder a title (we recommend keeping it short), select which days the reminder should go out, what time, and which drivers it applies to.

Step 3:

Write the description the Driver should see in the reminder. Select Create once finished.

Drivers set up to receive the Reminder will get a push notification to the phone number associated with their account. Managers 'following' that Driver will also receive an email.

Step 4:

You can review all reminders that are upcoming and previously sent.

Deleting a Reminder

To delete a Reminder, select which Reminder you'd like to remove by using the arrow icon.

Select Delete in the top right corner. Once deleted, the Reminder will no longer be active or send any notifications.

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