Scheduling a Service based off Mileage

How to schedule a service based off Mileage in the maintenance module

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The Whip Around 'Maintenance' module enables you to schedule Services based off the engine hours of your vehicles.

To schedule a new Service you must be subscribed to Whip Around 'Maintain' and can then access 'Maintenance - Service Programs by logging in here.

Creating a Service based off Mileage

  1. Click on the 'Maintenance - Service Programs' module from the menu on the left.

  2. Click on '+ Create Service Program'

3. Add the Service Program details which include:

  • Title

  • Service Tasks

  • Repeat/One time

  • Intervals (this will default to mileage. You can also use time intervals or Engine Hours (click here on details of scheduling using Engine hours.

  • End date

4. Add the assets you want the Service to be applied to. Here you can also add the last Service mileage.

5. Set up the reminders for the Service Program. You can select:

  • Recipients

  • Thresholds (When to send the Reminder)

  • Auto Create Work Orders (Based on the Threshold)

  • Assignee (Who the Work Order is assigned too)

  • Pick the Reminder Channel (Dashboard or Email)

6. Click Save to create the Service Program.


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