The Whip Around 'Vehicle Profile Screen' is where you can access all the data and information relating to a vehicle in your fleet.

You can access the Vehicle Profile Screen by logging in here. 

Click on the 'Vehicles' module from the menu on the left and then select any vehicle.

The Vehicle Profile screen is made up of the following:

Vehicle Header
Contains details such as Name, Make, Model, Type, Licence Plate and Image. You can also click on more details to find additional vehicle details, as well as edit to edit the details.

Vehicle Stats Panel
Contains Vehicle stats such as Mileage/Engine Hours, Inspections, Faults and Work Order cost tracking (for maintain users).

Last Inspection Panel
Contains all details relating to the last inspection performed on that vehicle such as Form, Driver, Duration, Date, Location and Map.

Inspections, Faults, Schedule and Work Orders Tables
You will find tables for all inspections, faults, schedules (maintain customers only) and work orders relating (maintain customers only) relating to that vehicle with a number of exporting options.

Faults Table

Schedule Table

Work Order Table

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