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How to get set up with the RTA integration

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The RTA Whip Around integration automatically imports defects and mileage reported by your drivers using the Whip Around app.  


When your drivers report a defect using the Whip Around mobile app, the Whip Around RTA Integration will automatically import those defects into RTA using the Driver Reports module. 

For example, a fault, like the one below, reported in Whip Around will appear in RTA as a new driver report. 

Defect Status Updates: 

In addition to importing defects from Whip Around, the RTA Whip Around Integration will also communicate the status of defects which were assigned to Work Order Lines back to Whip Around. 

Mileage Updates: 

In order to get mileage updates from Whip Around, your inspection form must include a mileage card. The name of the card type must be “mileage” OR the card title must be “mileage”. Keep in mind that mileage imports must follow RTA rules and limitations. This is a safeguard to ensure that erroneous mileage updates by drivers do not negatively affect your vehicle’s odometer!


Please follow these steps to get the integration installed for your system. 

  1. Tap on the “Integrations” tab and follow their instructions for activating the RTA integration. This will generate a message that will be delivered to RTA support. 

  2. Contact RTA support and request that the RTA Whip Around integration be turned on. RTA Support will use the information provided by Whip Around to finish this step. 

Configuration Utility 

The RTA Whip Around Configuration Utility is located at https://app.rtafleet.com/admin/tenants/integrations 

Before you can begin using the Whip Around integration, you must first map your vehicle records from Whip Around to your vehicle records in RTA. This mapping is done with specific Vehicle GDFs. To assist you in this mapping we have included a mapping utility. 

How to use the mapping utility: 

  1. Download your Whip Around linked vehicle data by clicking the “Download and link vehicle data” link as shown in the image above. 

  2. Edit the Excel file to add your Whip Around vehicle Ids to your RTA vehicle records. 

  3. Export the edited Excel file to a CSV 

  4. Upload the exported CSV to the Whip Around integration tool. 

Editing your Excel File 

The Excel file you download with the integration tool includes two pages in the workbook: RTA Vehicles, and Whip-Around Vehicles. 

The RTA Vehicles tab lists all of the vehicles from your RTA system. It also includes a column stating which Whip Around Vehicle ID maps to each of your RTA Vehicles. 

The Whip Around Vehicles tab includes all of the vehicles you have configured in your Whip Around system.  

To complete this task, open the Whip Around Vehicles tab and Copy a vehicle ID value. Next, open the RTA Vehicles tab and locate the corresponding RTA vehicle row. Finally, paste the Whip Around Vehicle ID you copied into the “whipAroundId” column of the corresponding RTA Vehicle row. 

Exporting Excel to CSV 

Once you are done editing your Excel file it is time to export it to CSV and upload it to the integration tool. To do this, first make sure that the RTA Vehicles tab is selected. This is important as CSV files can only be made from the open workbook page and the integration tool needs the RTA Vehicles page as the input. Having selected the RTA Vehicles page, select File -> Save As. In the Save As dialog box, name the file and select the CSV format option and then press “Save”. 

There will be a warning dialog indicating that the selected file type does not support workbooks that contain multiple sheets. Press “OK” to save only the active sheet, this is what we want. 

Uploading CSV to the integration tool 

Return to the integration page in the RTA web app. In the Whip Around box click the link that reads “Upload linked vehicle CSV data”. This will open a file chooser. Select your .csv file and upload.  

Once this is uploaded the process of mapping your RTA Vehicles to your Whip Around vehicles will begin taking effect.  

Updating the RTA-to-Whip Around mappings 

You may return and repeat this mapping process as many times as you like. Each time you come to do this, be sure to download the latest Excel file first and edit this new version. The system will provide you with all the latest mappings and vehicle information on both the RTA and Whip Around systems. 

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