Admins, Managers, and Mechanics with access to the Whip Around mobile app are able to manage Defects flagged by your Drivers in the field.

Logging In

If you don't already have the mobile app downloaded, you can download it here: iOS or Android.

Once you've downloaded the app, login with the same username and password as you would on the Dashboard.

Browsing Defects

Once logged in you will land on the 'Defects' page (left image below). From here you can use the top navigation to switch between 'New' 'In Progress' and 'Completed' Defects.

Click on any Defect to view more details (right image below.)

Updating a Defect Status

A Defect can be marked as 'In Progress' or 'Completed' on the mobile app. Simply select 'Update Status' and choose the correct status. When a Defect is marked as completed, a signature will be required to proceed.

Commenting on a Defect

Quickly leave comments or notes on any Defects to either get more information from the Driver, to keep the team updated on what's going on with the Defect, or for note keeping. Comments are date/time stamped automatically.

Assign a Defect to a Mechanic

Defects can be assigned or reassigned to Mechanics from the mobile app. If you need to add a Mechanic, please use the Dashboard to add a new user. Mechanics will receive an email notification when a new Defect has been assigned to them.

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