Using Whip Around with Multiple Accounts

For users who need to access multiple Whip Around accounts

Updated over a week ago

If you have a user that needs to access multiple Whip Around accounts, the user can access all of their accounts with a single/shared login.

Accessing Multiple Accounts

To get started, the user will need to be invited to join the Whip Around account by an Admin of the account. It is important to use the same email address for each account the user will have.

Select the 'People' module > select 'Users'. Click the 'Invite Users' button and fill out their information. Click 'Invite' once ready. This process should be repeated for all the accounts the user will need access to.

An invitation will be sent to their email address where the user can accept the invite and set up a username and password, if it's their first time creating a Whip Around account. If the user already has a Whip Around account set up, next time the user logs in to their account, they will see the recently added company listed in the drop down menu. The user can select which account they want to view and switch between accounts as needed.


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