Welcome to Whip Around: a digital platform for managing vehicle inspections and maintenance. The guide below will help you understand the core functions of the Whip Around dashboard.

Dashboard Homepage

Your homepage will provide you with a quick overview of what is happening with your fleet. You will get real-time notifications for failed items on vehicle inspections that your drivers are reporting in the field. This allows you to act quickly and come up with a plan to address the defect even before your drivers make it back to the terminal!

With the leaderboards, you can keep up with your teams and understand how your fleet is performing.

Vehicle Inspection Forms

The core of Whip Around is digital vehicle inspections forms. When you first set up your account, you can either create a form from scratch by re-creating a current paper form you use (our Customer Success Team is happy to help) or you can browse our template library where you'll find ready-to-go forms that follow DOT regulations. Your drivers will start their day by logging into the mobile app and selecting a vehicle inspection form that they need to complete on the asset they are operating that day.

Managing Defects

As your drivers complete their vehicle inspections in the field, submitted Inspection Reports will sync to your dashboard account in real time. When drivers 'fail' items on their vehicle inspections, it will enter Whip Around as a 'Defect'. You can view and manage the Defect in your dashboard account.

You can mark Defects as 'In Progress' or 'Completed', assign a priority level, see which driver reported the issue, view photos and comments, and more.

Creating Work Orders

If your subscription includes Maintain, you can create and manage Work Orders directly in Whip Around. Once a Defect enters the system, you can create a Work Order and assign a Mechanic to complete the repair.

You can also record Labor and Part costs associated to the repairs. You can track Work Orders assignments and see which are Overdue, Pending, or Completed.

Adding Assets

Before you can begin completing inspections and managing defects, you need to have assets loaded into Whip Around. You can bulk upload assets or add them one at a time. *Keep in mind, your account is billed per the number of assets in your account.

With our Assets tab, you can track all previous inspections performed on the vehicle, view defects with the vehicle, see mileage, engine hours, work order costs, and more.

Adding Drivers and Teams

You can add as many Users, Drivers, and Teams to your Whip Around account as you'd like (you are not charged per user). Once your Drivers are loaded, they can download the Whip Around mobile app and start completing vehicle inspections!

With our Drivers tab, you can track how many inspections a driver has completed, their average inspection time, which defects they reported, answers to Covid-19 questionnaires, and more. You can also upload important information such as their driver license number and/or photo, certification records, employee records, and more.

You're Ready to Start Using Whip Around!

And that's it! Whip Around is a simple, but powerful digital platform to manage vehicle inspections and maintenance. Our Help Center is full of additional resources on any of the topics covered in this article and our Customer Success Team is happy to answer any other questions. If you have a Paid Account and are interested in attending a live training event, please send us a message and we will let you know of upcoming training sessions!

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