Sync and add new Vehicles

How to sync and add your Vehicles from Geotab into Whip Around

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Initial sync

Once you activate the Geotab integration for the first time it will automatically ask you to confirm that you want to import Vehicles.

1. The Import Vehicles popup will show the number of vehicles that will be imported

2. Click Confirm button

Adding new Vehicles

Vehicles that are created in Geotab will automatically be added to Whip Around on an hourly basis.
If you would like to add new Vehicles instantly you will need to perform a resync.

1. On the Whip Around Dashboard go to > Vehicles

2. Click on the Actions button > select Import from Geotab

3. Import Vehicles modal will popup showing the number of Vehicles that will be imported

You will now instantly have up to date Vehicles in the Whip Around platform.

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