Creating a Service Program

How to create a Service Program in Maintain

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Step 1:

Select the Maintenance tab > Service Program.

Step 2:

Select Create Service Program in the top right corner.

Step 3:

Give the Service Program a title and assign which task(s) should be included in this program.

Step 4:

Set up the intervals the Service Tasks should be completed at. You can choose if this should be a repeating service or a one-off service. Programs can be set up to repeat based off miles, hours, or a calendar schedule. If you want the task to be triggered off multiple intervals, you can select all the appropriate triggers. The example below shows to complete the Tire Rotation task every 3000 miles OR every 3 months, the Service Program will be triggered off whichever happens first. Lastly, choose when this program should end.

Step 5:

Assign assets to the program. You can select all assets, select a group of assets, or choose an individual asset. *If you are creating/duplicating similar service programs for different groups of assets, we recommend making your title clear as to what assets are included in the program.

Step 6:

Choose to set up Reminders before the Service Task is due.

Step 7:

Choose to auto-create Work Orders when the Service Program is due and who it should be assigned to. Choose to set up how the reminder will be delivered (notified via the Whip Around dashboard or by email).

Step 8:

Click Save once finished.

Editing a Service Program

Click on the arrow icon next to the program you want to edit. You can edit any of the items listed in the steps above.

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