Updating and Completing a Work Order

How to update information on a Work Order or mark as complete

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Edit a Work Order

To update or edit a Work Order, select the WO-####.

You will be taken into the Work Order details. You can edit any items that have a pencil icon next to them.

  • Work Order Name (You can change this to match your invoicing system).

  • Due Date

  • Assigned Mechanic

  • Mark a vehicle in/out of service

Update Services on the Work Order

You can also add comments or documents/photos for each line item of the Work Order by selecting the Type/ID.

You can add additional service line items that need to be added to this Work Order. As well as update the labor and parts costs associated to the Work Order.

Mark the Work Order as Complete

Once you have updated all the service details you will see an updated Cost Summary and a completion box that enables you to enter:

  • Date

  • Mileage

  • Engine Hours

Click Complete W.O. button to complete the Work Order.

Once the Work Order is marked as complete, the defect or service schedule associated to the Work Order will be marked as corrected/completed. If you marked the vehicle 'out of service', make sure to update the status when completing the work order.

Downloading a Work Order to PDF

At any stage, you can download a Work Order to PDF by clicking the Download button in the top right of any Work Order.

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