Drivers can capture, annotate and submit up to 20 images during an inspection.

When prompted with a Photo Card during the inspection, simply tap the 'Take Pictures' button to open the camera.

On the Camera Screen, drivers can:

  • Turn the flash on, off, or set it for auto

  • Switch the camera between your front (selfie) camera and back (standard) camera

  • Use their finger in a 'pinching' motion to zoom in and out

At the bottom of the screen, drivers may see a 'card title' with further instructions from the Fleet Manager on what to capture in the images.

Once the images are captured, drivers can preview the images.

On the Preview Screen, drivers can:

  • Add more pictures using the plus icon "+"

  • Switch between images by tapping on the image tiles

  • Annotate the picture using the pen icon at the top right corner

  • Delete pictures with the trash icon at the top left corner

Once the photos are saved, drivers will be able to see all the saved photos in a swipeable carousel and submit once ready.

  • Information at the bottom of the screen counts how many images have been taken and which one you're actively looking at

  • The trash icon allows you to quickly delete unwanted images

  • Go back to Preview Mode by tapping on the image

  • Add additional comments to photos

Reference photos are available to be used for a before-and-after effect. The driver will have the ability to either annotate upon reference photo OR take brand new photos.

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