Bulk Upload New Drivers

How to fill out and upload the Bulk Upload template for new drivers

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Step 1:

Select the 'People' module > select 'Drivers' > select 'Bulk Upload' button.

Step 2:

Select the 'Download Template' button and open the download.

Step 3:

Fill out the Bulk Upload Template. There is an example Driver in the template, delete this example before uploading.

Required Fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • App Username (We recommend firstname.lastname; John.Smith OR their company email address; [email protected]) Please note: The app username may already be taken by another driver from another account. We recommend using email addresses whenever possible to avoid this issue.

  • App Password (We recommend a simple password that they will remember)

  • Team Name (Drivers must be assigned to a Team. If you have not created a Team yet, please reference this article.)

  • Mobile Phone (This field is required if you'd like to use the SMS Invite option to invite Drivers to download the mobile app)

Phone Numbers:

Valid formats:
7045555555 (will add country code when it uploads, based on the user's timezone)
​Invalid format:



Step 4:

Once the Bulk Upload template has been filled out, save your document in a .CSV format (.xlsx or .pdf file types will not upload).

Navigate back to the Bulk Upload page and select 'Choose File'.

You will receive a warning message if you have any errors in your spreadsheet. Errors will need to be corrected on the spreadsheet and re-uploaded before the Driver can be added.

Step 5:

Select the 'Start Import' button. Any Drivers who had an orange 'ready to import' indicator will be uploaded. If you'd like to automatically invite new Drivers to the mobile app, you can select 'Send SMS Invite' prior to starting the import.


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