*Please Note: Work Orders are part of the Maintain subscription. If you are interested in adding this package to your subscription, please refer to this article.

Create a New Work Order

Any Defects marked as 'New' or 'In Progress' can be assigned to a Work Order. Simply select the 'Create Work Order' button on the bottom left to begin. You will need to assign a date to the Work Order and an Assignee (Admins and Managers can create a new Assignee from this page). Once a Work Order is created, it will sync to the Dashboard.

Complete a Work Order

To update the status of a Work Order select the 'Update Status' button. Once a Work Order is complete, you can update the status after confirming the Asset and Defect details. Once a Work Order is marked as completed, it will move the Defect to the 'completed' category.

For additional help on managing Defects on the mobile app, please refer to this article.

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