Add or Edit a User Profile

How to add or edit an Admin, Manager or Mechanic user profile

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*Please Note: Only Owners and Admins can add a new user make changes to current users.

Add a New User

Navigate to the People tab > Users.

Select the Invite Users button.

Fill out the user's information and select Invite. This will send an invitation email to the new user prompting them to create a password for their login. If they'd like to also use the Mobile App, they will use the same username and password associated to their Dashboard account.

Edit an Existing User

Once a User Profile has been created, the user can make edits to their own profile by logging in and selecting My Profile in the top right corner of their screen. Here they can update their email address, change their password, update notification settings, and which teams they follow.

To edit a User select the arrow icon next to their name.

In the edit page, Admins can update the user role, give access to Driver Wellness, create a Driver profile associated to the User and resend the user invite email. Select Save once finished.

Delete a User

Select the trash can icon next to the User you wish to delete. Select Confirm.

Changing Account Owners

To request a change of account owner, please contact Whip Around Support at [email protected] or message us through the chat button at the bottom right of this page.

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