The Whip Around mobile app is available for both Andriod and Apple devices.

Download the Mobile App

Both Andriod and Apple users can text 'WHIP' to 474747. You will receive a link to download the app from the app store. Open the link and download the app.

*Alternatively, you can just search in the app store for 'Whip Around' and download it.

Log In to the Mobile App via Text Message

Your manager will set up your Username and Password for you. Once your manager has your log in information set up, you will receive a text message with a link to log into the app. The link will already have your username and password stored in it.

Click the log in link in the text message. *We recommend keeping this text message so you can use the link again when you need it.

Once you are logged in, the app will not log you out even if you close the app. You will not be logged out unless you click 'Log Out'. If you share your device with another driver, we recommend logging out after you are finished so another driver doesn't accidentally complete inspections under your account.

Log In to the Mobile App via Manual Entry

If you know your username and password (provided by your manager), you can log in to the app by manually entering that information.

Simply open the app, type in your username and password, click Login.

Enable Location Sharing and Push Notifications

Upon downloading the Whip Around app for the first time, you will be prompted to allow Whip Around to see your location and send you push notifications. We recommend selecting Yes to both of these options.

If you select yes, Whip Around can send you notifications when your manager has fixed an issue you reported or remind you to complete your inspection if you haven't done so and other important notifications. If you select yes to location sharing, keep in mind that Whip Around is NOT a GPS tracking app and we will not be able to follow your vehicle when you are using/not using the app. If you enable yes, Whip Around will simply be able to put a location stamp of where you are when you submit your inspection, which is an important piece of information on your vehicle inspection reports.

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