Admins and Managers can use the Whip Around mobile app to manage defects, assets, and work orders while out in the field. If you are a Team Manager, you will only have access to the assets and defects on your team. Anything done in the mobile app will sync to the dashboard.

Download and Login

First you will need to download and log in to the mobile app. If you haven't done so already, you can learn how to do that in this article.

Manage Defects

When you first log in to the mobile app, you will land on the Defects tab. Here, you can see all New, In Progress, or Completed defects in your Whip Around account. You can browse all defects and view details, photos, and comments on the defect. You can update the status of defect from New > In Progress > Completed or assign a priority level to the defect.

Learn more here.

Create Work Orders

If your subscription includes Maintain, you can also create Work Orders and assign a Mechanic to the Work Order. Once the repair is finished, you can mark the Work Order as completed, which will update the defect status to completed as well.

Learn more here.

Manage Assets

You can add a new asset or update an asset's information including the Name, Display Name, Team or Form Assignment.

Vehicle Inspections

To be able to complete vehicle inspections on the mobile app, you need to add a Driver profile onto your account (Admin Permissions Required). If you have a Driver profile added to your user profile, you can complete inspections on the mobile app.

Learn more here.

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