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How to opt in/out of notifications on both web and mobile devices

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Notification Preferences set on the web dashboard will reflect preferences in the mobile app and vice versa. You only need to select your preferences on one. Each user will control their own Notification Preferences, another team member cannot choose their preferences for them.

Web Dashboard

Step 1:

Select your name in the top right corner > My Profile.

Step 2:

Select Notification Settings.

Step 3:

Opt in or out of notifications by using the green checkbox next to each alert. If you'd like to opt into a notification, Notification Center must be selected at a minimum. You can also choose to receive an alert via Email or Push Notification in addition to the Notification Center.

Notification Center (bell icon)


Push Notification (must have Whip Around mobile app downloaded to receive Push Notifications)

Do Not Disturb

If you do not wish to receive any notifications at all, enable Do Not Disturb. This will overwrite any current preferences. When you want to receive notifications again, simply deselect Do Not Disturb and your notifications will resume.


Reminder notifications are relating specifically to the Reminders tab. You can choose to receive all, some, or no Reminder notifications. Reminder Notifications are delivered by email or push notification, depending on the reminder type. To learn more about reminders, please refer to these articles.

Mobile App

Step 1:

Log in to your mobile app and select Settings.

Step 2:

Select the category and update your alert preferences. Whatever Notification Settings are selected on the mobile app, will also reflect on the Web Dashboard.

Notification Center (bell icon)


Push Notification

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