Your inventory of parts is available in Maintain section on the left-hand side navigation bar under "Inventory."

Adding parts

Step 1: add a part

Click on the "Add part" button on the right-hand side of the table. This will open the part window.

Step 2: fill out details

Fill out the part details with available information. You don't have to fill out all the fields, the only required field is the part name. The more details you add, the further you remove possible confusion around parts and their usage.

Step 3: provide quantity and unit of measure

Quantity is an important field because it allows you to control your stock. Make sure you select the right unit of measure depending on the part from the dropdown on the right-hand side of the entered value.

Optional - Set a critical quantity level

If you want to receive low stock and out-of-stock notifications, you can enable them by inputting a critical quantity value. When the quantity drops to the indicated value, we'll send you an email informing you that the part is running low in stock. We'll send another email informing you when the part drops down to 0.

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