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Samsara Integration

How to activate the integration

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Whip Around integrates with Samsara to pull information from both Vehicles and off-road assets. The integration with Samsara provides many benefits, including:

  • Synchronize your vehicles and off-road assets and make sure they are always up to date

    • Linking them upon initial activation will ensure data is always up to date

    • When new assets are added to Samsara, you will be automatically prompted with an alert on Whip Around to link them

  • Know as soon as a vehicle is moving and is missing a DVIR or has an active fault with email alerts and push notifications to your phone.

  • Odometer and engine hour readings automatically sync with Whip Around to trigger mileage reports and maintenance schedules.

  • Provide your internal mechanics or external vendors with a single work order that lists, engine faults from Samsara, DVIR defects and servicing to track

    maintenance history and costs.

  • Drivers can conduct inspections on the Samsara app and have defects sent through to Whip Around for mechanics to repair, certify and communicate back to

    the driver for DOT compliance.

Activating the integration

Step 1 - Connect to Samsara

In order to connect your Whip Around account with your Samsara integration, you will need to ensure you have the following things ready:

  • Have a Samsara login ready, and the account needs to have the role of admin, or if using a custom role, it needs to have a write-API access

  • Have a Whip Around login with the admin role

Once all these are ready, Login to the dashboard, navigate to settings page, and to the integrations tab. On this page, Select Samsara and click on activate

Upon clicking activate, you should be presented with Samsara’s login page. Please ensure you enter your admin Samsara credentials on this page. (If you don’t see this login page, and sees the next page straight away, this means that you already have Samsara logged in in the background, so we don’t require you to re-enter your Samsara credentials)

If the credentials are valid, you should be taken to the Samsara permissions page, where you will need to give permission for Samsara to connect with Whip Around.

By default, the tag is set to Entire organization - this will essentially mean that every vehicle on your Samsara account will be visible on Whip Around. If your organization uses tags to group your vehicles, you may select the tag that you wish to give Whip Around permission to, however this does mean that only those vehicles will appear on Whip Around (You may select multiple tags). NOTE - This cannot be changed later, if you want to add/remove tags, you will be required to deactivate and reactivate the integration.

Once permission is granted, you should be taken back to the Whip Around dashboard, and the Samsara integration page, where you will see all the vehicles you have on Samsara

Step 2 - Link your assets/vehicles

Once Samsara is connected with Whip Around, you will see your vehicles on Whip Around Dashboard under the integrations page. In order for information to be synced between Samsara and Whip Around, it is necessary to link these vehicles so that they also appear as a Whip Around vehicle.

To link a vehicle, there are 2 options that the user can choose from:

a) Link Samsara vehicle with an existing Whip Around asset

b) Link Samsara vehicle without specifying an existing Whip Around asset

a. Link Samsara vehicle with an existing Whip Around asset/vehicle

Our system will always attempt to do a match with the Samsara Asset/Vehicle by name or VIN. This means that if there is a Whip Around asset with the same name or VIN as the Samsara vehicle, then the system will suggest for the 2 vehicles to be linked together. When the two vehicles are linked, it will replace the data that’s currently in the Whip Around asset with the information that is in Samsara.

Although the system suggests the two vehicles to be linked together, it is possible for another vehicle to be selected instead. Simply clear the match, and click on the search button to bring up a list of available Whip Around assets to be linked.

NOTE - Please take caution when choosing to import all vehicles. The integration will import every single vehicle on your Samsara account when you select this option, including vehicles that do not have an activate gateway or vehicles that has been deactivated. In some cases, duplicate assets will appear on your Whip Around asset list, which will impact your billing. We recommend going through every single vehicles shown in Samsara to ensure that you import only the vehicle(s) that you want.

You can integrate off-road assets by selecting the Display drop-down and selecting Assets. As with Vehicles, the integration will suggest matches and you can select other options assets, and link or unlink individual assets as needed.

b. Link Samsara vehicle without specifying an existing Whip Around asset

In addition to the above, it is also possible to link/import a Samsara asset without specifying any Whip Around asset at all. When this happens, it will create a brand new Whip Around asset, which will contain the exact same details as the Samsara vehicle.

Step 3 - Configure your forms to send alerts

Now that you've linked your assets, you can expect them to be up to date and that defects will be flowing through to Whip Around to be managed within our workflows.

The last step is to configure your existing DVIR forms so you can be alerted when a vehicle is moving without an inspection.

Simply edit your DVIR form(s) and click the checkbox as show below:

After a successful integration, you will see a new tab in the left-hand toolbar named Integrations, which contains all the vehicles that have been linked.

On the Assets page, you can add a column to see which assets are integrated. Go to the top right of the page and click on Actions, and then select Manage Columns. On the pop-up that appears select "Integration" under Other column options.

From this point, any changes made to the Samsara vehicle should also update the Whip around asset accordingly. However please note that any changes done to the Whip Around asset will not update anything on the Samsara dashboard.

To unlink a vehicle, simply navigate to the linked tab and click on unlink. The vehicle should be removed from the linked tab, and back to the ready tab, where it will be available for linking again. Unlinking will cause any further sync to stop, however, the asset will remain in Whip Around with the details from the last sync.


Activate Deep Linking - Through activating Deep Links your drives can switch between the two apps without any hassle. By introducing a customizable tile to the Samsara Driver home screen, fleets can make it easier for drivers to navigate between applications on their device, making for more efficient workflows and a better driver experience

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