Motive x Whip Around Deep Link Integration

Drivers can easily flick between Motive and Whip Around

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This feature is only available to Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) Enterprise plan customers.

Through activating Deep Links your drives can switch between the two apps without any hassle. By introducing a customizable tile to the Motive Driver home screen, fleets can make it easier for drivers to navigate between applications on their device, making for more efficient workflows and a better driver experience.

In order to follow along, first you need to have an active Motive Integration.

For information on how to activate or configure the Motive, click here.

Firstly, log into your Motive account, then Navigate to Admin --> Driver App --> App Links

Tile Name

A title for the tile can be input here. There is a character limit of 15 characters to ensure that the tile will display appropriately in the app. We recommend naming this title "Whip Around DVIR" or "Whip Around App".

Link to app

This is the location that the tile will take the driver to when they tap on the tile. Use this url:

Note that a device must have the Whip Around Driver app installed in order to be able to link out to it.

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