Product Releases - 2022

Keep up to date on all the significant releases to the Whip Around Fleet Maintenance Software Platform - 2022

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January, 2023

📣 Mobile App Release

Streamlined login and password reset process on mobile.

  • Login with SMS
    Users can opt to have a magic link sent to their SMS. They click the link in the text message and are automatically logged into the mobile app.

  • Password reset

    Previously, an Admin role had to reset the password for a user. Now a user can choose to reset their password when logging into the mobile app, as part of the login process.

December 1st, 2022

📣 Web Platform Release 6.20

Whip Around launches Whip Around Wallet, a fleet document management and storage solution. Wallet is for Fleet Managers who want to ensure their drivers are road-ready and remain compliant.

With Wallet, you can:

  • Upload & store driver & asset docs in the cloud

  • Organize your docs with tags

  • Set expiration dates, renewal reminders, and retention sunset dates on important documentation

  • Assign access to your team so they can manage docs on mobile and web

November, 2022

📣 Web Platform Release 6.19

New “Out of Service” log for assets!

  • Now customers can hop into an asset profile, select the text link: “out of service log,” and view the entire history of the asset – from the number of days, it’s been in service to the number of times it’s been taken off the road, to when it was healthy and checked back in service.

    Important to know:

    An asset is only considered out of service for 1 day if the date changes. So if it’s taken out of service at 2 pm on 2nd November and put back into service at 4 pm on 2nd November, it will not be marked as out of service for 1 day. It will only show that it’s been marked out of service once.

    However, if it’s taken out of service at 11:58 pm on 2nd November and then put back into service at 2 am on 3rd November, it will be marked as out of service for 1 day because the date changed from 2nd to 3rd November.

    This addition provides customers with a complete overview of the asset's health in one simple timeline, enabling them to make data-driven decisions around asset replacements, investments, or costs and value.

October, 2022
📣 Web Platform Release 6.18

Motive Asset Sync

  • This update enables all vehicles and trailers/machinery to sync as assets in Whip Around from Motive. Customers can now manage all their assets in one place.

    UI enhancements enable customers to choose between syncing vehicles only, trailer/machinery only, or syncing all vehicles and trailers/machinery in one go.

    To enable the upgrade, customers need to click on a link specifically for their account which grants authorization to Whip Around to access the trailer/machinery asset API in Motive. Whip Around CMS will support customers to complete this action.

    The addition of assets into Whip Around will incur the same billing as the current subscription plan the customer is on.

📣 Mobile App Enhancement

Mobile Design Consistency

  • The “People” and “Asset” tabs on the Whip Around mobile app now feature a newly improved and intuitive UI. Managers and Drivers can update their profiles on the go using the new interface. Asset and Driver lists feature the new interface.

September, 2022

📣 Web Platform Release 6.17

VIN Decoder

  • The VIN decoder integration streamlines the asset onboarding process, saving you time and ensuring your asset profile is populated with accurate data. That way you’ll have all the information you need to manage your fleet’s growth and any vehicle replacements.

Labor tax on work orders

  • When it comes to tax on labor, in certain instances the tax doesn’t apply or might vary. With this improvement, we’re making it easier and more flexible for you to see what gets accounted for in the total of a work order, and exclude inapplicable costs if required.

New out-of-service label

  • We have updated the label to better visually distinguish which assets have been marked as out-of-service across the main pages of the product.

August, 2022

📣 Web Platform Release 6.16

Filter lists by team(s)

  • The list pages such as inspection history, defects, work orders, service schedules, and drivers received a long-awaited team filter allowing companies to filter through and see the result for the selected team(s) – not everything all at once. This will also impact exporting, which will export information for the selected team(s) only.

Add comments on work orders

  • From now on, you can use the dedicated comments section on work orders. Whether it’s a status update on repair, technical details, or something to note, you can use that section to keep your team updated.

Work orders generated by service schedules

  • We built a visual distinction for work orders automatically generated from service schedules. This will help you to identify those automated items and understand which service schedule they’re part of more easily.

June 14, 2022

📣 Web Platform Release 6.12.0

Add Team to inspection PDF report

  • We have now added a team name within the Inspection PDF report to easily identify and distinguish the team the inspection was submitted for

Add labor hours to work order export

  • We have now added labor hours to work order export for both pending and completed work orders

New dashboard - Added new fields on asset leaderboard export

  • We have added Vehicle type and Vehicle sub-type fields into the asset leaderboard export on the new dashboard. These fields were there in the export of the old dashboard and were missing in the new one

  • We have also removed the unwanted ‘Asset Photo link’ field from the export

June 1, 2022

📣 Web Platform Release 6.11.1

Release 2 of the new dashboard into production.

This release has the following functionality -

  1. Downloading dashboard report functionality

Users can now download the dashboard report in a PDF by clicking on the ‘Download Report’ button on the dashboard or from the email they receive if they have scheduled a report.

This PDF will have the same snapshot of the data they see on the screen including the date ranges. This will help our users to send these snapshots in emails or print them out and talk to them.

May 26, 2022

📣 Web Platform Release 6.9.3

Release 1 of the new dashboard into production.

You will be able to see richer information and insights regarding their assets and drivers.

Customers on a standard plan will see -

1. New Defects and Inspection section along with the graph and pie charts

2. Driver and Asset leaderboards

3. Schedule a dashboard report to get a report via email

Customers on a pro plan will see the above and also -

1. New Defects and Inspection section along with the graph and pie charts

2. Maintenance summary section

3. Upcoming service schedule and work orders

4. Driver and Asset Leaderboards

5. Schedule a dashboard report to get a report via email

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