What is Whip Around?

Understand where Whip Around sits in Fleet Management SaaS and how it drives efficient fleet maintenance management & compliance.

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What is fleet maintenance management?

Fleet maintenance management ensures commercial fleets are fit for use, operate at capacity, and maintain safety & compliance criteria of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) so that the company is efficient and profitable.

Where does Whip Around fit in?

As a Fleet maintenance system, Whip Around enables fleet managers and their teams of drivers, mechanics, and admins to inspect, maintain, remain compliant, report, and manage their fleet of assets in an efficient, effective and economical manner.

Why is Whip Around a great solution?

Whip Around's known for its simple, intuitive design, which makes it easy for teams to get going without the steep learning curve, it's fast onboarding process, supported by a praised, around-the-clock customer service team, delivers a short time-to-value for drivers, managers and the business overall. Customers enjoy being part of the Whip Around development journey – contributing to beta about functionality requirements and understanding what's coming next. And then there's the Whip Around promise, a growth path customers embark on which enables them to Take Control of their fleet maintenance, Improve Safety and Compliance, Reduce Costs and Downtime, and Champion New Opportunities by unlocking the power of more time, data and money. Check out what customers have to say about the Whip Around here: Capterra/G2.

What will I achieve with Whip Around?

Amongst the many benefits are improved longevity of commercial assets, increased control over fleet management, improved safety and compliance, decreased costs, and a supported team dynamic.

Fleet Managers

Fleet Managers use Whip Around to understand how their fleets are performing, how costs are tracked, and how their team functions. The Insights Dashboard and reports provide them with an overview of the data and metrics they need to analyze so they can take action quickly, and forecast accurately and manage the efficient running of their fleet.

Admins & Managers

Team Managers and Administrators use Whip Around to handle the day-to-day workings of the fleet and drivers: From ensuring drivers have the documentation they need in their Wallets to meet compliance, to managing payments, organizing services, and ordering parts to overseeing their team of drivers.


Drivers use Whip Around on their mobile devices to conduct inspections, access historical inspections and required documentation during roadside checks, report defects, track defects and service progress so they know when their assets are available to drive again.


In-house and third-party mechanics use Whip Around to handle work orders, communicate with drivers, admins, and team managers, organize parts and conduct services.

Customers love the ability to:

• Inspect assets using the mobile app (designed for iOS and Android)
• Report and manage defects on the go

Set their teams up for success with the right tools to support them with their jobs
• Schedule work orders and preventative/predictive maintenance services
• Access recorded histories and usage fast
• Manage inventory and parts
• Safely store and manage fleet documentation on mobile and web with the Whip Around Wallet
• Communicate on activities using in-system comments
• Easily integrate with partner providers (Samsara/GeoTab/Verizon Connect/Motive etc.)
• Accurately handle reporting, analysis, forecasting, tracking of costs, assets and drivers all in one platform

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