Microsoft Teams integration overview

An overview of the MS Teams and Whip Around

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Fleet Admins / Owners

Applies to

Web platform; Integrations


Standard (Inspect), Pro (Maintain)

Integrating with MS Teams can provide several benefits for Whip Around users, including:

  1. Real-time notifications: MS Teams can provide real-time notifications to users when a new vehicle inspection report is completed or when a driver submits a report. This can help fleet managers stay on top of their fleet's maintenance needs and quickly address any issues that arise.

  2. Streamlined communication: By integrating with MS Teams, Whip Around users can communicate with team members and drivers directly from the platform. This can help streamline communication and reduce the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

  3. Increased visibility: Integrating with MS Teams can give fleet managers increased visibility into their fleet's operations. They can see when inspections are completed, and when drivers are on the road, and get real-time updates on any issues that arise.

  4. Improved collaboration: With MS Teams, fleet managers can collaborate with their team members in real-time, share documents and files, and work together to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Note: This is currently available for the following notifications:

  • Inspection submitted

  • Inspection submitted with Defects

  • New defect

  • Defect status change

  • Work Order created

  • Work Order completed

  • Comment added/updated

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