Download for free

  • Use this link or search for 'Whip Around' in the Google Play Store.

  • Admin and Manager roles will use the Username and Password created when signing up for their Whip Around Dashboard account

  • Admins and Managers can add Drivers and create Driver mobile logins from the dashboard

Devices and operating systems

  • You must have Android 6.0 or later.

  • Keep the app updated by regularly checking Android Software Updates, otherwise, you'll miss new features and improvements.

Mobile App Capabilities


  • Manage Defects

  • View New, In Progress and Completed Defects

  • Update defect Status

  • Add comments to defects

  • Inspect Assets (Must also be a driver)

  • View Inspections (Must also be a driver)

  • Add assets

  • Manage notifications


  • Individual driver login

  • Select from multiple customized forms

  • Select from a controlled list of vehicles

  • Inspect vehicles with checklists

  • Record numeric data

  • Record alpha data

  • Flag defects and take photographs

  • Automatic GPS, time & date stamping

  • Bring up previous inspection records

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