Your subscription billing is based off the number of assets you have in the system. If you need an inspection to be completed on an asset, the asset will need to be added in Whip Around. If an asset you've already paid for becomes inactive, we'll add a prorated credit to your account for the removed asset. Fair is fair!

Add to your Fleet Count

By adding a new asset to your Whip Around account, your monthly billing will automatically reflect the increased vehicle count.

Go to the Assets tab > Create Asset. You may also use the Bulk Upload button if you need to upload multiple assets.

Please note: our system will automatically work out how many days in the billing period there are left and pro-rate the amount to be charged.  You will not be charged immediately, instead you will be charged the amount for the current period owing on your next billing date.  You can login to your dashboard and view your upcoming estimated charges from the 'subscription' section within your profile area. 

Reduce your Fleet Count

When you started a paid plan with Whip Around, you will have signed up with a minimum number of vehicles.  If you need to reduce your fleet count by more than the agreed minimums, you'll need to contact our customer success team.  You can still remove the vehicles from the system but you will still be billed the minimum amount agreed on when you signed up. Keep in mind our minimum subscription is 5 assets OR $30 per month.

To remove a vehicle to go the Assets tab > select the asset you want to remove.

Click the delete button in the top right corner of the screen.

Please Note: Deleting an Asset will not remove any previous Inspection Reports or Defects associated to that Asset. You will see '(deleted)' next to any removed Asset, but you will still be able to review past reports or defect details.

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