Edit an Asset

Step 1:

Select the Assets module.

Step 2:

Select the Asset you want to edit by selecting the arrow icon.

Step 3:

Select the 'Edit' button if you'd like to update any vehicle information. Select 'Save and Back to Profile' when finished.

You can edit:

  • The vehicle's details

  • Add and edit notes

  • Change the image or remove it

  • Upload documents and photos to the vehicle's profile

Delete an Asset

Follow the same steps as above but select the 'Delete Asset' button.

Please Note: Deleting an Asset will not remove any previous Inspection Reports or Defects associated to that Asset. You will see '(deleted)' next to any removed Asset, but you will still be able to review past reports or defect details.

Add or Remove an Assigned Form

Follow Steps 1 and 2 as listed above. Scroll to the bottom of the Asset details page and select the Forms tab.

Select the Add/Remove button in the top right. Choose which Forms this Asset should have access to. Select Save once finished.

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