Step 1:

Navigate to the People module > Drivers. Select the arrow icon on the Driver you'd like to edit.

Step 2:

Select the 'Edit' button in the top right. Once in the editor, you can update any information in their profile.

You also have the ability to add a role the Driver; Admin, Manager, Mechanic, etc. If you add a role, it will automatically create a User profile for the Driver where you can set up which notifications they should receive. If adding a user role, the Driver will continue to use their same username/password for the mobile app, but they will now have access to other areas of WhipAround (depending on the role).

Step 3:

Click Save in the bottom right corner.

Delete a Driver Profile

Follow the same steps as listed above but select the Delete Driver button in the top right corner.

Please Note: Deleting a Driver does not delete any previous inspections or defects associated with the Driver. Deleting a Driver profile will not delete the User profile (ie, Manager or Mechanic profile). If they are no longer with your company in any capacity, you will want to also delete their User Profile (if applicable).

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