Inspection History is where you can view all Inspections submitted by Drivers. Inspections can be exported individually or in bulk and used for DOT audits.

View Previous Inspections

Select the Inspections tab > Inspection History.

You can filter previous Inspections by date, title, status, and more. Use the sorting filters as needed.

Select which Inspection Report you'd like to review by selecting the arrow icon. *Notice that any Forms, Assets or Drivers that have been deleted after an Inspection was completed will say (deleted), but can still be viewed.

Within the report, you can see all answers submitted by the Driver and additional time/date/GPS stamp on the report. You can navigate between Asset or Driver Wellness related questions (for Forms using Driver Wellness questions).

You can view failed Inspection Reports and see exactly which cards were failed by a red fail icon on the card. If a Defect has not yet been corrected, you will see a red description of the item on the failed card. You can select the red description hyperlink to be taken into the Defect details page.

Once a Defect has been corrected, the description will change to a green hyperlink and the Mechanic's signature will be posted (if required on the Form's settings). Correcting a failed Defect on an Inspection will not update the Inspection status to 'Passed', Inspection statuses cannot be updated after the inspection is submitted.

Exporting Previous Inspections

You can individually or bulk select which Inspection Reports you want to export. Files can be exported as Excel or CSV.

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