Adding a new defect from the mobile app

How to add a new defect from the app without doing an inspection

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Whip Around provides you with the ability to add a new defect from the mobile app in the defects module within the mobile app.

This functionality allows you to:

  • Log defects instantly from the field.

  • Set the priority of your defect.

  • Categorize severity levels on the spot.

  • Quickly notify managers of critical issues requiring urgent attention.

Step 1: Log in to the mobile app

Step 2: Navigate from the menu to the manage defects module

Step 3: Select the "+ Defect" at the top right of the screen to create a new defect

Step 4: Select the camera icon to add photos of the defect.

Note: You can take up to 20 photos and annotate each photo to help showcase the defect to your mechanic/manager.

Step 5: Add a comment under the comment section

Step 6: Select the asset the defect relates to from the drop-down list of assets

Step 7: Choose the date. By default, the date will be the date you have entered this defect.

Step 8: Select the priority of the defect. If you are an Admin, you can also customize priority levels under settings in the dashboard.

Step 9: Select the severity of the defect. The options are 'Non Critical" and "Critical".

Step 10: Select 'Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Your new defect will then appear in the new defects column where you will be able to assign to a mechanic and create a work order.

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