Custom user permissions

How to set up custom permissions for staff people in the Whip Around system

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Custom user permissions in the Whip Around platform are now available for all users.

This means that all admins can customize the user-level permissions for Manager and Team manager roles.

How to access custom permissions

Navigate the interface from People β†’ Users β†’ User profile β†’ Permissions.

Open the Permissions tab. This is where you can add/remove permissions for Managers and Team Managers.

How to adjust user permissions

The following modules are available for user permissions adjustments:

  • Teams

  • Assets

  • Inspections

  • Forms

  • Exception report

  • Defects

  • Service tasks

  • Service Program

  • Service Schedule

  • Work order

  • Inventory

  • Drivers

  • Drive wellness

  • Reminders

  • Fuel

The following operations are available for user permissions adjustments:

  • View (Only applicable for forms and driver wellness)

  • Create

  • Update

  • Delete

  • Export

  • Bulk import (Create/update)

If Manager/team manager does not have access to a particular operation (e.g. create assets), they will see relevant buttons such as create asset button disabled. There will be message informing users that they don't have permission to perform this operation and they can request the permission from admins, if needed.

This feature allows admins to grant or remove permissions in a way that best suits the diverse structure and roles of their fleet.

Reset to default function -

This function allows admins to 'reset' permissions for any manager/team manager to default role based permissions.

Note: In this permission structure, if a Team Manager is not following or managing any assets, that user will still not see any data in the asset list because they are not following or managing any teams.

The user must follow or manage those assets and fleets for these customer permissions to apply.

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