Custom dashboards
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The Custom Dashboards feature is now available to all Whip Around users. This means that all users (Admins/Managers/Team Managers) can create customized dashboards and charts displaying important fleet performance data in their preferred format.

You can add multiple charts to a single dashboard, with the option to create a variety of different chart types to feature within each dashboard. You can also choose from a selection of “ready-to-go” charts to help you visualize important fleet information.

How to access and use custom dashboards

Navigate to the interface from Dashboard → Custom Dashboards

  1. Add a new dashboard

2. Once the dashboard is created, it’s time to add some charts to the dashboard.

You can either choose “add custom chart” or use a ready-to-go chart.

3. Add a custom chart.

Choose the chart type.

4. Configure the chart to your needs and preview it.

5. Save the chart and dashboard display.

6. Or choose from several ‘ready to go’ chart options to kick start your custom dashboard

7. Choose from several available action options for each chart (Including export).

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