Out of service custom permission changes
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What’s New: Admins are now able to customize which users have permission to put an asset in or out of service.

On the User Profile page, in the Permissions section, we have separated out permission settings for “Asset” and “Asset Out of Service”. These permission settings can now be set individually.

The default settings for “Asset Out of Service” permissions will be the following according to these roles:

  • Manager - On

  • Team Manager - Off

  • Mechanic (Full Access) - Not applicable

  • Mechanic (Limited access) - Not applicable

  • Driver - Not applicable

How to access and update “Asset Out of Service” permissions

To edit permission settings, navigate to Dashboard -> People -> Users -> Click of any user with Manager/Team Manager role -> Permissions

Note: The Permissions tab is only visible for those with Admin user roles

1. Once on the permissions tab, you will see a new permission, “Asset Out of Service” added to the list.

2. In the “Asset Out of Service” row, you can check and uncheck the box in the “Update” column. This will either grant or deny a user the ability to set an asset as in or out of service.

3. If you uncheck the “Update” option for “Assets Out of Service”, users will not be able to set an asset as in or out of service on the Asset List and Asset Details page.

If a user does not have permission and they attempt to change an Asset's Out of Service status, they will see the following message:

"You don't have permission to perform this operation. Please talk to your admin to get the permission."

Asset list page:

Asset details page:

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