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How Do I Reset My Drivers' App Password?
How Do I Reset My Drivers' App Password?

How to reset a Driver password on the mobile app

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Driver passwords are stored under their Driver profile. Manager and Admin level users can reset a Driver password and inform the Driver of their new password.

To Reset a Driver Password:

Navigate to the People module > Drivers. Select the arrow icon on the Driver you'd like to update the password for.

Select the 'Edit' button in the top right.

Type in the new password for the Driver. You can send a text message to the Driver by selecting 'Send SMS Invite' which will text the Driver a link to log into Whip Around with their password embedded in the link. We also recommend you call or text the Driver and inform them of their new password so they can remember it for next time.

Select Save once finished to save the password and send the text message.

Drivers are able to reset their own passwords from the mobile app as well.

Drivers, and users, who don’t remember their passwords have trouble logging into the Whip Around mobile app. Users and drivers can contact an Admin to assist them in resetting their password and log in or they can reset it bu using a magic link to log in.

This option provides a seamless experience for your drivers when logging in or changing passwords.

Magic link login

Choose to log in using SMS. A magic link will be sent in an SMS to the drivers phone. They’ll click the link and automatically be signed into Whip Around.

Easy Password Reset

If they’d like to change their password, it’s as easy as setting a new one during the login process.

This makes onboarding drivers much more efficient for fleet managers and gives drivers the agency they need to get things done without depending on their managers.

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