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Answers to your frequently asked questions

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How much data does the Whip Around app use?
How do I bulk export inspection reports to PDF?
When will the notification trigger to let me know vehicles are moving without an inspection?
The Magic link is not working when I log in to the mobile app
How long do the inspection records stay in the system?
How do I view other columns for my list of Assets?
How do I view other columns for my list of inspections?
Can I see the GPS location on the inspection report?
Why can I not assign work orders to mechanics?
Why can I not see any data in my dashboard?
How do I update my billing information?
How do I make a card not required?
Wallet FAQs
How do I change miles to kms?
How often is mileage and engine hours data synced with Geotab?
What features are included in 'Maintain'?
How Do I Reset My Drivers' App Password?
Can I upload invoices or receipts to a work order?
Giving Driver Access to all Assets on the Mobile App
How To: Driver Access to Assets Outside of Their Team
Multiple Language Settings
How many items can I have on one Inspection Card?
How Do I Change My Time Zone?
Bulk Updating Asset Information
How Do I Login To The App?
My Password Doesn't Work. How Do I Login To The Dashboard?
Can I Set Up Notifications or Reminders For Other Managers?
How Many Drivers Can I Add?
Is The App Available On iOS (Apple) & Android (Google)
How Long Does It Take To Get Setup?
Does the Mobile App Work When There is No Data Connection?
Is There A Way To Download Copies Of Previous Inspections?
How Many Forms Can I Create?
What Happens if I Delete a Driver, Asset, or Form?
Do I Need To Add Both My Trucks & Trailers?
Can Whip Around Support Multiple Branches & Divisions?
Where Is The Data Stored?
How Many Users Can I Add to the Dashboard?
Can Inspections Be Conducted Without Cell Phone Coverage?
How Do I Update To The Latest Version Of The App?