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Why can I not assign work orders to mechanics?
Why can I not assign work orders to mechanics?

Ensuring users are following teams

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Work orders are sets of instructions that allow you to keep track of tasks that need to be performed. Depending on your organization, work orders may also include capping, changing, cleaning and repairing various items. To ensure that work orders are efficiently assigned and managed, users can assign work orders to mechanics and any other user, as long as that user follows the asset in question.

The user following an asset refers to the user's access level. The user must have access to the asset in order to be assigned tasks related to that asset. You can control what team a user follows from the Users > Following tab under the People section. It's important to keep user access levels in mind when assigning work orders as it allows you to keep track of who is assigned what tasks, as well as who is responsible for specific tasks.

By making sure that only users with the correct access level are assigned certain tasks, it eliminates the need to manually keep track of users and tasks. By automating these processes, you are able to streamline the process of assigning work orders and ensure that work orders are efficiently managed.

If you have any questions about user access levels or assigning work orders, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help ensure that you’re able to efficiently manage your work orders.

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