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The Magic link is not working when I log in to the mobile app
The Magic link is not working when I log in to the mobile app

Alternative ways to login to the mobile app

Updated over a week ago

There are two ways to log in to the Whip Around mobile app:

  1. Using an SMS Link

  2. Using a Username and Password

How to log in using a Magic Link

Open the Whip Around app on your mobile, and type in your username. It will prompt you to send a link to your mobile phone number.

You should receive a text message with the link to click. Click this link, and it will automatically open the app and log you into Whip Around.
​Note: 21 Oct 2022
We're aware some of you may be experiencing difficulties logging in using the magic link due to the SMS not being received. This is due to some mobile carriers filtering the SMS out and not delivering them to you.
We are working with our SMS partner to rectify this for you as soon as possible. Please continue to log in using your username and password.

How to log in using a username and password

Open your Whip Around app, enter your username and password, et voila. You'll be logged in.

Note: If you've forgotten what your password or username is, contact your Fleet Manager and ask them to provide you with these details.

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