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Why can I not see any data in my dashboard?
Why can I not see any data in my dashboard?

Following assets and drivers in the dashboard for data and notifications

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Following Team Members, Drivers, and Assets on the Dashboard

To access data on assets in the dashboard and receive notifications, you need to be following a team, or at least one driver or asset. It is important to make sure you are following the assets and/or drive that you would like to see data for so that your view of the dashboard is complete and up to date.

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How to Follow a Team, Driver, or Asset

To follow a team, driver, or asset, simply log into the dashboard. To follow a team, select the "Team" tab, located on the left pane. You can then identify which teams you wish to follow. To follow a driver or asset, select the "Drivers" or "Assets" tab respectively and then select the driver or asset that you want to follow. You can identify them by their name or vehicle name.

Benefits of Following Teams, Drivers, and Assets

Once you have followed a team, driver, or asset, you will be able to see data relevant to each in your dashboard. This includes real-time data such as location, speed, and predicted arrival time. You will also be able to see the movements of team members and vehicles in real-time.


Making sure you follow a team, driver, or asset on the dashboard is essential to ensure access to the most relevant and up-to-date data. Following team members and vehicles ensures that your view of the dashboard data remains complete.

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