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Wallet FAQs

Answers to questions about Whip Around's Driver Wallet & Fleet Manager Wallet for document storage, management and access.

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All your questions about Whip Around's Driver and Fleet Manager Wallet in one place!

The Whip Around Wallet is one place to securely store, manage and access all your fleet and driver documents in one centralized place from either your mobile phone or on the web.

Whip Around Wallet Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the Wallet functionality different from the Documents functionality in Whip Around?

    The Documents tab found in both Driver and Asset profiles allows Fleet Managers to upload, securely store and view documents in Whip Around. It is not available on mobile, and Drivers do not have any access to documents. Documents is free to use as part of Whip Around.

    The Wallet tab in Asset and Driver profiles enables Fleet Managers and Drivers to upload, securely store, edit, and view documents in Whip Around as well as on mobile.

    Further functionality allows users to set expiration dates on documents and reminders to ensure documents are always current, valid, and up-to-date.

    Tags make is super fast to search and find documents, keeping them organized and team document management efficient.

    Finally, user access permissions can be assigned to documents ensuring confidential drivers' documents are kept private, and asset documents can be shared amongst the whole fleet.

    Contact your friendly Customer Service Representative at Whip Around to activate your subscription to Wallet.

  2. How do you activate Wallet?
    Get hold of a Whip Around Customer Service Representative to have Wallet activated on your company account. As Wallet is an add-on, there is a fee to use it.
    Once Wallet is activated for your company account, all Drivers and Fleet Managers will have a "Wallet" tab in the asset and driver profiles.

  3. How do you purchase Wallet?
    Wallet is charged per Driver profile as an additional add-on for a small fee. This applies to all the drivers in your company.
    I.e. If you have ten driver profiles in your company, you will be charged for all ten drivers to have Wallet.

  4. When is Wallet available to purchase?
    Customers on all plans can order and have free access to Wallet from November 30th, 2022. They will be billed from December 1st, 2022.

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