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Asset Documents in Wallet and the Whip Around mobile app
Asset Documents in Wallet and the Whip Around mobile app

Manage your critical asset documentation across your drivers and team with Wallet, in the Whip Around mobile app

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Manage Asset documents in Wallet, using the Whip Around Admin/Manager/Team Manager App

Ensuring your fleet and team remain compliant at all times often means managing documents for them on the go. That way, they can have them readily available, valid, and up to date when required. With Whip Around Wallet in the mobile app, you can easily upload, download, replace, review, email, and share asset documents with your team.

Anything done in the mobile app will sync to the dashboard.


Fleet Admins/Owners, Fleet Managers, Team Managers

Applies to

Mobile App


Paid plan with Wallet Add-on

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  1. Update your documents by uploading or replacing them on the go

    Select the asset you want to upload a document to on the Whip Around app and click on the 'Wallet' tab. If you've uploaded documents using Whip Around already, you'll see a list of them already there. Click on the '+ Document' text to upload a document.

    There are a few ways to upload a file. You can either 'Take a photo' using your mobile's native camera; 'Choose from gallery' which allows you to select an existing photo from your mobile's gallery or you can 'Choose a file' from one of the folders of your mobile.

    Once the document is uploaded, the next screen will allow you to name the file.

  2. Ensure your documents are valid by assigning expiration dates and reminders to them

    Not all documents expire, so if that's the case then leave the 'Document expires' toggle off and it will remain grey.

    Alternatively, toggle the 'Document Expires' toggle on and it will turn green and bring up a calendar where you can set the date the document expires on.

    Next select 'Expiry reminder' to set up a notification and choose from the default periods or set a custom one for the alert to be sent.

    You can also select people to receive the reminders, that way there are more of you alerted and can hold each other accountable. Once the 'Expiry reminder' time period has been set, the "Who to remind" option will change from greyed out to green. Click through to select the names of people you'd like to add to the reminder list.

  3. Make asset documents available to drivers at all times

    It's as simple as selecting the 'Available to drivers' toggle to share the asset document to driver profiles on the Whip Around mobile app.

    This will allow all the drivers who are in the same team as the asset to access the asset document. Drivers and assets in different teams will not be able to view the asset document.

    Tip: If you have, for example, an insurance document that applies to all the assets in your fleet, you can assign the document to all the assets and it will be accessible to drivers who are in the same team as that asset. Essentially, this means that every asset will have that insurance document assigned to it, and every driver will have access to that document through the asset document access they have. To do this, you'll need to set it up in Whip Around on the web as this function is not available through the mobile app. Click here to read the article on how to do that.

  4. Create, edit and delete tags to organize your asset documents

    The best way to streamline your document processes is to organize them using tags. Think of tags like categories: A document can have more than one tag assigned to it, so when you search it'll bring up all the documents associated with that tag. It's much more effective than using folders to organize your files.

    It's easy to create tags for your asset documents on the Whip Around mobile app.

    Click through the green text next to "Tags" and it will bring up a default list.

    You can simply select which tags you want to assign to the document, or you can scroll to the bottom and select 'Edit Tags' to edit or delete existing tags from the list. When you're done, click the big green button 'Done editing'.

    To create a new tag, click the '+Tag' text on the top right-hand side of the screen.
    Type out the tag name, click 'Add tag' when you're done, and that's it – your tag will appear in the list with the rest of them. Don't forget to select the tag name from the list to tag your document with the new tag.

  5. Present your beautifully clean, legible, and incorruptible asset document on your mobile screen

    Click the document picture on your screen. Go ahead, tap it! It's there for your viewing pleasure. If those numbers are a bit small on the mobile screen – pinch to zoom in, just as you would any other picture on your phone.

  6. Share, send in a message, email, or download the asset document

    The Whip Around app is designed to work with many of the native features your mobile operating system may have.

    Click the icon on the top right-hand side of your screen to bring up an array of sharing options.

Now it's easy to select the option you want – in this example we've selected the option to email the document. Clicking the email app on your mobile will automatically attach the document file to the email you're going to send.

If you need any more assistance, reach out to one of our helpful Customer Success Managers via the chat on the bottom right of this screen.

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