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What features are included in 'Maintain'?
What features are included in 'Maintain'?

An overview of the features and capabilities included when you subscribe to Maintain.

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Unlock Additional Features with Our Maintain Plan

Our Maintain plan is designed to help fleet managers and mechanics manage, track, and correct current defects, as well as prepare for scheduled fleet maintenance. By subscribing to Maintain, you will have access to a variety of features that are not included in our standard plan.

Some additional features you can unlock with our Maintain plan include:

Service Tasks

Service Tasks are the foundation in scheduling preventative maintenance. These tasks are the individual items that are used to make up a Service Program. Here, you will create any and all routine maintenance tasks that need to be completed on your assets. An example of a Service Task would be an oil change or tire rotation.

In addition to creating and managing service tasks, you can also link them to a service program. This allows you to easily schedule and track routine maintenance for your assets.

Below is an example of what the Service Tasks screen looks like:

Service Programs

Service Programs are an essential tool for managing routine maintenance tasks for your assets. They allow you to schedule individual or group Service Tasks at specific intervals, ensuring that your assets are always in top condition.

You can create and easily manage your service programs from the main page.

* Service Programs can be configured to be recurring or a one-time service and can be triggered based off miles, hours, days, or whichever comes first.

Service Schedule

Your Service Schedule is an essential tool for keeping your fleet up to date on recommended preventive maintenance and compliant measures.

When an asset triggers a Service Task that needs to be completed, as dictated by the Service Program, it will automatically populate onto your Service Schedule page. This ensures that you never miss an important service or maintenance task.

Once your Tasks and Programs are initially configured, you will most likely visit the Schedule page most often. This is where you can view and manage all of your upcoming services and tasks.

You can filter your Service Schedule by status, team, and specific date range. This allows you to easily find the services and tasks that are most relevant to you at any given time.

In conclusion, your Service Schedule is a powerful tool for managing your fleet's preventive maintenance and compliance. By regularly checking and updating your schedule, you can ensure that your assets are always in top condition and compliant with regulations.

Work Orders

Work Orders are used to track the completion of service needed on your assets. Work Orders can be created based on Service Schedules, initiated from items that failed on asset inspections, or created from scratch.

Work Orders detail each line item needed to repair an asset and can track costs associated with labor and parts. When Work Orders are created, commented on, or marked as completed, the Driver who submitted the defect will also be kept in the loop via notifications sent to their mobile app.


Located under the maintenance module, the inventory section of the platform streamlines the process of adding and managing your inventory. It provides a clear overview of stock levels, allowing you to quickly identify items that are in stock, running low, or out of stock.

Additionally, the system offers the functionality to set reminders for when an item's quantity is diminishing, ensuring that you and your team can proceed with operations uninterrupted by any shortages.

The inventory system integrates flawlessly with work orders and service schedules, enabling effortless allocation of parts and labor hours directly from your inventory. This seamless connection ensures stock levels are automatically updated and costs associated with these changes are calculated instantly. As a result, you gain a detailed insight into the effects of repairs on your parts inventory and financial expenditures.

Upgrade to our Maintain plan today and take advantage of these valuable features to streamline your fleet management process and keep your vehicles in top condition.

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