Step 1:

Select the Maintenance tab > Defects.

Step 2:

Select the arrow icon on the Defect you'd like to update.

Step 3:

Mark the Defect as 'In Progress' or 'Complete'. If you'd like to reset the status, change the status to 'New'.

When a Defect is marked as 'New' or 'In Progress', you are able to create a Work Order in Whip Around (if your subscription includes Maintain). Once a status has been changed on a Defect, all Users in your Whip Around platform will be able to see the new status.

*Option: mark an Asset as 'Out of Service' while you correct any Defects.

Bulk Updating Statuses

To quickly change that status on a group of Defects, you can use the bulk action tool. Select which Defects you want to update and then select 'Mark As' on the top right corner.

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