Assigning a Defect to a Mechanic

How to assign a defect to a mechanic

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Step 1:

Select the Maintenance tab > Defects.

Step 2:

Your list will indicate which defects have not yet been assigned to a mechanic under the 'Work Order' column.

Simply select 'Assign Mechanic' button to reveal a list of all current users in Whip Around. Select which user this Defect should be assigned to. Alternatively, you can also set up a Mechanic from this page which will create a 'Limited Mechanic' user profile for this individual and send them an invite via email to join Whip Around.

Step 3:

The assigned mechanic will receive an email from the Whip Around system with a link to view the Defect. Once assigned, the mechanic can comment on the Defect, change the status of the Defect and upload documents (such as receipts or parts ordered, etc.) All comments and status changes are name, time and date stamped for compliance. 

To Change an Assigned Mechanic

Follow Step 1 and select which Defect you need to reassign a mechanic to.

Use the pencil icon to edit the assigned mechanic. Click OK once done.

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