Motive GPS & Telematics Integration with Whip Around

Set up and integrate Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) with Whip Around to improve fleet maintenance

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Integrate Motive with Whip Around in three easy steps

Synced seamlessly together, Motive provides real-time data about the health of your assets through its telematics into Whip Around, which automates maintenance tasks and ensures a proactive PM schedule.

Fleet Managers leverage the integration to improve their fleet operations and make data-driven decisions from the information surfaced within Whip Around and the dashboard. Instantly addressed issues from diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and accurate odometer readings ensure mileage reports are triggered, and automated preventative maintenance schedules reduce downtime and costs.

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  1. Prepare your asset profiles with the correct data

    • The integration syncs VIN, license plate, make, model, year, asset name, odometer readings, engine hours, DTC faults, and defects.

    Check each asset has the correct details filled into its profile, complete with a name and VIN.

    During the integration setup process Whip Around will use the VIN or asset name fields to link the asset profiles together automatically and sync the data between Motive and Whip Around. So the name and VINs are the most important fields to ensure they are correct and match each other in both systems where possible.

    Note: Motive distinguishes between 'vehicles' and trailers/machinery (which are referred to as 'assets' in their system). Previously, only vehicles from Motive could be synced into Whip Around, and in Whip Around the 'vehicles' are referred to as 'assets'. The latest update to the integration enables both vehicles and trailers/machinery to be synced into Whip Around, and all are classified as assets in Whip Around. This is why an asset name is used to sync the asset profiles where a VIN is unavailable.

    • Ensure you have both a Motive and Whip Around Admin account. (These do not need to be the same email). Log into both systems.

    • Optional: To access some features and leverage the full potential of the integration, you'll need to have a Whip Around Pro subscription plan.

    Pro Plan Functionality
    >> Automatically trigger mileage reports and maintenance schedules
    >> Provide your internal mechanics or external vendors with a single work order that lists engine faults from KeepTruckin, DVIR defects, and services to track

    maintenance history and costs.

  2. Activate the integration in Whip Around in three easy steps

    Step 1 - Connect to Motive
    As Motive is a native integration to Whip Around, navigate to your user profile, click the dropdown menu and select 'Integrations'.

    Scroll through our available integrations until you find 'Motive', and click

    You'll be directed to Motive to log in if you haven't already logged into your Motive account.
    If you're already logged in, clicking activate will instantly connect you, and the Motive/Whip Around Integration page will load with lists of the available assets, ready for you to sync.

    Step 2 - Link your assets/vehicles
    In order for information to be synced between Motive and Whip Around, it's necessary to link the assets, so they also appear as an asset in Whip Around. This step unlocks many functionalities that you can do in the dashboard.

    To link an asset, there are 2 options to choose from:

    a) Link Motive vehicle with an existing Whip Around asset

    b) Link Motive vehicle without specifying an existing Whip Around asset

    Follow whichever option makes the most sense to your circumstances.

    a) Link Motive vehicle/trailer/machinery with an existing Whip Around asset

    Our system will always attempt to do a match with the Motive asset by name or VIN. This means that if there's a Whip Around asset with the same name or VIN as the Motive asset, the system suggests that the 2 assets be linked together. When the two assets are linked, it will replace the data that’s currently in the Whip Around asset, with the one that is in Motive. In other words, it will overwrite the name, make, model, VIN, and mileage/engine hours. It will not overwrite the existing inspection, defects, and service program records for that vehicle

    Although the system suggests the 2 assets to be linked together, it is possible for another vehicle to be selected instead. Simply clear the match, and click on the search button to bring up a list of available Whip Around assets to be linked.

    >> Use the dropdown to toggle between vehicles or assets that you'd like to link.

    Link individual assets by selecting the 'Import & link'.

    >> Import all assets in one go. This will import every single asset from Motive.

    >> Select a couple of assets, or check the select all checkbox and click import selected. The select all checkbox will only import assets that they see on the page (ie if you have 100 assets, and only 50 are loaded on the page, it will only select and import the 50).

    Link Motive asset without specifying an existing Whip Around asset

    In addition to the above, it is possible to link/import a Motive asset without specifying any Whip Around asset. When this happens, it creates a brand new Whip Around asset containing the exact same details as the Motive asset.

    Once linked, information will flow through (odometer, faults, etc) from Motive.

    NOTE - we do not import historical data; We only import data from when the asset is imported. I.e: During the first import, the asset will not have any location, odometer, or fault readings. These will sync only after they are triggered.

    Unlinking an asset
    Select the 'Linked' text tab and click 'unlink' on the assets you want to unlink. Once the modal pops up, select 'Update'.

    Step 3 - Configure your forms to send alerts

    Now that you've linked your assets, you can expect them to be up to date, and defects will flow through to Whip Around to be managed within our workflows.

    The last step is configuring your existing DVIR forms to alert you when a vehicle is moving without an inspection.

    Simply edit your DVIR form(s) and click the checkbox as shown below:

    Once the integration is enabled, you'll see a 'GPS notification' section appear under your profile in the 'Notification settings' tab. Select both of those options to finalize the setup.

You'll notice an 'Integrations' item with 'Motive' as a menu item within it on the
left-hand menu. Visit that page to link and unlink assets and assess your
integration's health.

And you're all set!

If you need more assistance, reach out to one of our helpful Customer Success Managers via the chat at the bottom right of this screen.

Did you know that activating Deep Links between Motive and Whip Around allows your drives to switch between the two apps without hassle?

Read how to activate your Motive/Whip Around deep link here:

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