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As a comprehensive fleet maintenance platform, Whip Around has a web version and a mobile app.


Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins / Owners, Mechanics

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Mobile App


Free Trial, Basic, Standard (Inspect), Pro (Maintain)

The mobile app's great for managing your fleet on the go and ensuring you're always in control, even when you're away from your workplace. Add/edit asset, driver and user profiles, inspect assets and access inspection histories, manage defects, receive notifications, upload asset and driver documentation and more, all from your smart device.

We design for both Android and iOS apps, which means when you download and use the app it'll work seamlessly as it's built specifically for those devices.

As an admin, manager or mechanic, you'll all use the same Whip Around mobile app, regardless of your role. The only thing that changes between roles is the permissions levels and the features the role has access to in the mobile app. Refer to this article to see the different permission levels of roles.

Admins/Managers will need to create logins for drivers to be able to use the app.

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1. System requirements for the iOS mobile app

You need to have iOS 14.0 or later to run the Whip Around mobile app. That means it should work on an iPhone 6S or more recent model, and iPad models from 2014 or newer.

NOTE: Over time, older app versions may become unsupported – just the same as older mobile iPhone models aren't able to be upgraded to the newer iOS. The Whip Around app is kept up to date and runs on current iOS. In the case that this does happen, you will be notified ahead of time by our team so that you can make arrangements.

To check the version running on your device, go to Settings >> General >> About, and look at the iOS Version number.

TIP: Keep the app updated by regularly checking Apple Software Updates; otherwise, you'll miss new features and improvements to the Whip Around app.

2. Download and log into the mobile app

Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Search for Whip Around under Apps and select Get or the Cloud Icon.

Open the app on your mobile device and use the same login details (username and password) that you used to log into Whip Around on the browser. Or choose to use the login with SMS option.

3. Enable drivers to use the Whip Around app

Drivers don't have access to their own Whip Around accounts in the browser version, they predominantly use Whip Around on the mobile app.

An admin/manager needs to create a driver profile in Whip Around, and then add a username and password for the driver.

NOTE: Be sure to add an email address, username, password and mobile phone number

To get drivers onto the app you can send drivers the same link you used to download Whip Around and their password details to use the log in. This can be done automatically during the creation process of the driver profile:

  • Select the checkbox under the email form field to automatically send the instructions in an email to the driver.

  • Select the checkbox under the mobile phone number form field to automatically send the instructions in an email to the driver.

Drivers can reset their password as part of the login process. That way, it may be easier for them to remember what their password is instead of trying to remember the one you assigned them.

Summary of mobile app capabilities for Admins/Managers and drivers


  • Manage Defects

  • View New, In Progress, and Completed Defects

  • Update Defect Status

  • Add comments to Defects

  • Add Assets

  • Inspect Assets (Must also be a driver)

  • View Inspections (Must also be a driver)


  • Individual driver login

  • Select from multiple customized forms

  • Select from a controlled list of vehicles

  • Inspect vehicles with checklists

  • Record numeric data

  • Record alpha data

  • Flag defects and take photographs

  • Automatic GPS, time & date stamping

  • Bring up previous inspection records

If you need any assistance, reach out to one of our helpful Customer Success Managers via the chat at the bottom right of this screen.

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