Upgrade your Whip Around Subscription Plan

How to upgrade your subscription from a Free Trial or Basic account to a paid Standard or Pro Whip Around plan

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Whip Around offers three pricing plans which cater to different use cases and a free trial option.


Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins/Owners

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Web Platform


Basic, Standard (Inspect), Pro (Maintain)

The Basic plan is always free and is best suited for an owner/operator with a single asset; The Standard plan, also referred to as Inspect, is built for inspections and defect management; and The Pro plan, or Maintenance plan, caters to fleets requiring inspections, comprehensive maintenance, document management, and inventory requirements. There's also an Enterprise option for fleets with over 150 assets.

Learn how our plans work here.

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There are two ways to upgrade your subscription for a Whip Around paid plan:

  1. Contact your Customer Service Manager for assistance. Using the chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen is one of the easiest ways to get hold of the team.

  2. Manually upgrade your subscription through the Whip Around platform.

Note: You'll need to be an admin of the account to access billing or plan information

1. Upgrade from a Free Trial or Basic plan to the Standard plan

Once your free trial of the full Whip Around product ends, your account will automatically convert to a Basic plan which will permit one asset and one owner/driver. Basic plans are free forever.

If you'd like to continue with the full benefits of Whip Around, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan suited to your requirements.

To do that, hop into your Whip Around account and hover your mouse over your name in the top right-hand corner of the page. Scroll down and select Settings when the menu drops down.

Once in Settings, select the Subscription tab.

The subscription page has information about the various plans and options.

Select the Upgrade Now button to bring up the form which you can use to add the plans and add-ons you'd like to have. By selecting the options, you'll get up-to-date pricing dependent on the number of assets you have profiles for in Whip Around and the add-ons you choose.

Check the number of assets you currently have loaded into Whip Around corresponds with the number of assets you want to have in Whip Around going forward. This may differ if you have only added a few assets into Whip Around during your trial but want to add your whole fleet once upgraded to a paid plan. In the future, Whip Around will automatically bill you according to the number of assets with profiles on the platform.

Select the radio button to choose between monthly or annual billing.

Note: It is cheaper per asset to subscribe on an annual billing period.

If you only want to upgrade to the Standard (Inspect) plan, ensure the radio button next to Maintain (Pro plan) is unchecked.

Complete the form with all your billing details.

Once the details are filled out, select Confirm. If you have any questions about pricing, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

2. Upgrade to the Pro plan

Subscribing to the Pro (Maintain) plan is just as simple.

You'll need to subscribe to the Standard (Inspect) plan, and then you can add the Pro (Maintain) plan to it.

Select and check the radio button next to Maintain under the Add-on details, and click Confirm at the bottom of the page to confirm your subscription.

The Pro Plan (Maintain) pricing is based on the number of assets listed in the account.

3. Include Wallet, a paid add-on, to your existing subscription plan

The Whip Around Wallet is a fleet document management system that helps your team remain compliant and makes audits less stressful. You can subscribe to Wallet at an additional fee per driver – contact your Customer Success Manager, who'll organize that for you.

If you need any more assistance, reach out to one of our helpful Customer Success Managers via the chat on the bottom right of this screen.

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