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Wallet for Whip Around Drivers Mobile App

The one app drivers use to stay road-ready and compliant with access to all driver and asset documentation that's current and available.

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Manage your personal driver documents in the Whip Around Driver Wallet in the mobile app.

Forget those nasty compliance fines, rid yourself of the headache of paperwork and stop rummaging around in your cubby hole to locate that paper binder.

Keep your private documents safe and secure. Upload, store and manage all your required driver documentation in one easy-to-use, secure portal in the Whip Around mobile app in your driver wallet.

Not keen on adding another app to your work collection? With Wallet's document management native to Whip Around, you’ll need one less app installed. Now you can access all the documents required for the assets you work with, your personal documentation, inspection history, conduct your inspections and keep abreast of defect repairs from one app.

When it comes to safety and compliance, Whip Around’s got your back.

This help desk article will show you how easy and fast it is to add a document to your Driver Wallet in a step-by-step process, so it's quick to find in the future.

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The blue boxes on the images show you where to look and click!

  1. Upload, replace and access all your personal driver documentation from one app

    Open your Whip Around mobile app. Then click the 'Wallet' tab. The first time you add a document it will look like the image below.

    Once you have a document loaded, it will look like this 👇. You'll see a list of the documents loaded into your profile.

    Both options will have a '+ Document' option. Click that green text to upload a new document.

  2. When you want to replace a document, you will do the same thing and look for the '+ Document' text to upload a new document.

    You can take a photo, or upload a jpg, png or video file.
    Note that if it's a word.doc or excel file you will be able to upload it; however, you won't be able to view it in Whip Around on your mobile.

    When you've uploaded a document, you will be taken to a screen that looks like the next picture below. Here you can select the options for that specific document.

    You can type in a name for the document.

    Tip: Use the actual name of the document and not some abbreviated or special name only you know. That way your manager will also be able to know what the document is.

  3. Know which documents expire and which don't: Set expiration dates for your documents that expire

    If the document expires, you'll want to know so you can set a reminder to make sure you don't forget to update it with enough time so it's not stressful to do at the last minute.

    Toggle the switch to 'on' and it will turn green. If the toggle is 'off' it will remain greyed out. When you toggle 'on', you'll get more options to set expiry dates and reminders for that document.

    To give your document an expiration date, under 'Expiry date' select 'Set date'.

    Use the calendar function to select the day, month and year the document expires.​

    Whip Around makes it easy for you to know which documents are going to expire soon or have already expired. In the 'home' screen of your documents tab, you'll notice that each document has a tag beneath it with either 'expiring soon' in yellow or 'expired' in red. It will also tell you when the document expired or is due to expire – that way you know how much time you have to organize a new, valid one.

  4. Stay ahead of the game: Set expiration reminders and get your documents updated in advance

    Expiration reminders send you a notification to remind you that it's time to organize the renewal of that document, like your driver's license for example. With so many documents that have different expiration dates, we know it's easy to forget to get them renewed in time. This neat feature helps you to stay ahead of the game. You can also send reminders to your manager so they can support you to get them renewed.

    To set an expiration reminder, click on the green text next to the 'expiry reminder' heading.

    Click on the black text to select the '30 days before expiry' or '60 days before expiry' and a green tick will signify that the reminder is set for that time period.

    You can also choose to set a custom date to be reminded. Click 'Select >' and it will bring up a calendar function for you to choose the date, month and year you want to receive the notification.

  5. Make your documents easy to find at the last minute: Organize your driver documents using tags

    Tags make it easy for you to find the documents later. You simply tag the document when you upload or replace it. To find it again, click on the default tags shown underneath the document in the document list. Or use the search function and type in the document name or tags.

    To add a tag to a document, click the green 'Select tags' text.

    Then choose which tags you want to add to the document. You can add more than one tag to the document.

  6. Have peace of mind your personal documents are private and confidential: Understand how permissions work in the driver document

    Keeping your document safe, secure and private is important. Nobody wants their personal documents shared with everyone in the company. That's why we've designed Driver Docs in a way that puts you first and protects your privacy.

    Quick things to know:
    • The Admin of Whip Around has access to everything in Whip Around so they can set up user access roles and permissions for users of the platform.
    • Documents you upload to your driver profile can only be viewed by yourself, and your manager.
    • Your manager will ensure you have access to the asset/vehicle documents you require to do your job well, and you'll be able to see those in your documents app as well.

    If you want to learn more about document access, click here.

  7. Access asset/vehicle documents you need to stay safe and compliant

    Asset documents in your Whip Around Driver Docs app work pretty much the same way your driver docs do.

    Open the profile of the asset/vehicle you want to access the documentation of. Select the 'Documents' tab to bring up the list of documents your manager has made available to you. Click the document you want to view.

    It's easy to see at a glance the expiration date information and tags assigned to the asset document.

    Asset documents are 'read only'. This means you don't need to manage the expiry reminders or upload any documents – your manager will be able to do that.

  8. Share a document from your mobile

    You can save a document to your mobile, share it in a message or email it all from your phone.

    We've taken the same user-friendly approach we always do and used the native function of your phone to enable you to do any of these things.

    Click the icon on the top right-hand side of the screen to bring up your mobile's sharing functions. Then proceed as you normally would.

    This is an example of some of the sharing options on most mobile platforms.

If you need any more assistance, reach out to one of our helpful Technical Support Specialists via the chat on the bottom right of this screen.

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