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Whip Around Quick Start Mobile App Guide for Admin/Managers
Whip Around Quick Start Mobile App Guide for Admin/Managers

Start using the mobile app for Admins/Managers/Team Managers

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This article is for the account Admin, Managers, and Team Managers who want to use Whip Around on their mobile devices.

It will give you a high-level overview of what's possible in the mobile app while you're in the field, with links to in-depth articles on how to complete each function. You can work through the specific mobile app sections in more detail under The Mobile App for Managers section of the Help Desk Centre.

Anything done in the mobile app will sync to the dashboard.


Fleet Admins/Owners, Fleet Managers, Team Managers

Applies to

Mobile App


Free Trial, Basic, Standard (Inspect), Pro (Maintain)

The Standard (Inspect) Plan

Admins and Managers can use the Whip Around mobile app to manage defects, assets and drivers, view inspections and inspections history.

The Pro (Maintain) Plan

Admins and Managers can use the Whip Around mobile app to manage defects, assets and drivers, view inspections and inspections history, and manage defects.

Whip Around Wallet Add-on
You can manage asset and driver documentation if you're subscribed to Wallet.

Note: If you are a Team Manager, you will only have access to your team's assets, driver profiles, documentation, and defects. Not all driver and asset data for the whole company.

In this article

You can edit your profile information on the app and manage fleet documentation for drivers and assets. There's an array of support options directly in the app from chat, to help desk, to request a call from our team if you need anything more.

1. Download and log into the mobile app

Download the mobile app from the Google Play Store if you're on an Android device or the App Store if you're on an Apple device.

Log in using one of the three ways available:

Learn more about the login process, system requirements, and settings to ensure they are turned on in this article.

2. Manage defects

When you log into the mobile app, you'll land in the Manage Defects module.

You can:

  • View a list of all New, In Progress, or Completed defects in your Whip Around account. Browse all defects and click on each to view details, photos, and comments.

  • Once in the defect, tap the Update Status button to change its status from New > In Progress > Completed.

  • Select the pencil icon under Priority and set a priority level for the defect.

3. Create work orders

If your subscription includes The Pro (Maintain) plan, you can create work orders and assign a mechanic to the work order.

Once the repair is finished, you can mark the work order as completed, updating the defect status to completed.

4. Manage assets and drivers

Add or update asset information in the Asset module, including the Name, Display Name, Team, or Form Assignment.

Similarly, in the People module, view driver or user profile information.

Document Management for Assets and Drivers

If you have Wallet (a paid add-on), you can centrally store and manage fleet documentation for your drivers and assets from the app.

As a Manager you can:

  • Upload, download, and edit driver and asset documents in Wallet

  • Set expiration dates on documents

  • Send reminders to specific people to ensure the document is renewed on time

  • Organise documents using tags, so they're quick to find

Learn more about Wallet in this article

5. Complete inspections

Only driver roles can complete inspections. As a manager, you can add a driver role to your account, enabling you to complete inspections.

Note: Only an Admin can add a driver role to an existing (Manager/Team Manager) profile.

Completing an inspection is fairly intuitive using the app:

  • Select the Inspect Asset module

  • Choose the asset you'd like to inspect

  • Tap the Select Asset button

  • Swipe right to choose an inspection form. You can set custom inspection forms up in the Whip Around web version, which will reflect in the mobile app.

  • Select Proceed (If a previous inspection was done on the asset), and follow the prompts to complete each action for each card in the form.

6. View the Inspection History

The app shows all the Inspection History reports for assets that have had inspections completed.

Team managers can view the Inspection History reports of their teams, and drivers can view the Inspection History of the inspections conducted on the assets they're operating. This is handy in times of a roadside check, especially when proof of three signatures is required for DOT purposes.

If you need more assistance, contact one of our helpful Customer Success Managers via the chat at the bottom right of this screen.

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