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Whip Around Quick Start Platform Guide for Admin/Managers
Whip Around Quick Start Platform Guide for Admin/Managers

Start using Whip Around with your team in 6 easy steps.

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Day one with Whip Around: Let's get you set up

Welcome to Whip Around; we're thrilled to have you on board!

We're here to help you take control of your operations, improve safety and compliance, and reduce costs and downtime for your fleet. Taking the time to get the fundamentals set up correctly into Whip Around will put you on the road to successful management and maintenance of your fleet.

We've focused on making the process efficient and the platform as easy to use as possible, and with the support of our helpful and knowledgeable Customer Success team, let's get started on this journey together.

This article is for the account Admin – the first person to set up their business with Whip Around. It will help you set up the basics for you and your team so that you can start getting inspections done and defects tended to. Once you're ready to dive in deeper, you can work through the specific platform sections in more detail under The Whip Around Platform section of the Help Desk Centre.


Fleet Admins/Owners,

Applies to

Web platform


Free Trial, Basic, Standard (Inspect), Pro (Maintain)

In this article

Log in to Whip Around, then use the menu bar to navigate around the platform.

The blue menu bar on the left-hand side of Whip Around is where you'll click into each module and through to each tab within the module. This way, you can navigate quickly through the entire platform. Choose to collapse the menu if you want to focus on a full-screen view.

1. Configure your settings

Whip Around provides a range of settings you can tailor to your company.
The first screen you'll see whenever you're logged into Whip Around is the Dashboard Insights page, but we'll go into Settings from the dropdown on the top right-hand side.

In Settings, you'll be able to:

  • Update your company information

  • Set date and time formats

  • Establish tax settings

  • Manage your subscriptions

  • Set up your integrations

  • Configure mobile app settings

Next, fill in your Profile. Set a great example for your team to follow: Upload a profile pic and complete all of your details. This ensures any reminders, notifications, or important messages will be delivered to the email address or mobile.

2. Add Assets and Drivers

Add your Assets
Before completing inspections, managing defects, or scheduling preventative maintenance, you need to have vehicles or equipment – referred to as 'Assets' – loaded into Whip Around. Assets can be anything from cars, trucks, airplanes, and boats to construction equipment. Open the Asset module on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.

There are three ways to upload assets:
Bulk-upload assets
Add them one at a time
• Import them from your telematics provider by configuring the integration between Whip Around and the provider.

These options allow you to submit the VIN of your asset, and Whip Around will automatically populate the rest of the asset profile for you.

Note: Remember that your account is billed per the number of assets in your account.

If you have Wallet the Wallet licenses are billed per number of drivers in your account.

Within our Assets module, you can track all previous inspections performed on the vehicle, view defects with the vehicle, see mileage, engine hours, work order costs, and more. You can also change the page setup by choosing which columns are most important to you and arranging them in order of priority.

Assets have their own profiles where all their information is centrally stored, including documentation. If you have Whip Around Wallet activated, you and your drivers can store, manage and set expiration reminders on asset documents from mobile and the web.

Add your Drivers

Add as many Users, Drivers, and Teams to your Whip Around account as you'd like because you're not charged per user. Once your Drivers are loaded, they can download the Whip Around mobile app and start completing vehicle inspections.

With our Drivers tab, you can track how many inspections a driver has completed, their average inspection time, which defects they reported, answers to Covid-19 questionnaires, and more. You can also upload important information such as their driver's license number and/or photo, certification records, and employee records. If you've activated Wallet, drivers can access all crucial documentation required for roadside checks that's been digitally stored and shared with them through their Wallet in the mobile app, making it easy to meet compliance.

3. Set up Inspection Forms

The key element of Whip Around and good maintenance are digital vehicle inspection forms. Select the Inspections module in the left-hand navigation bar, then select Forms.

When you first set up your account, you can either create a form from scratch by re-creating a current paper form you use (our Customer Success Team is happy to help) or browse our template library, where you'll find ready-to-go forms that follow DOT regulations.

Your drivers will start their day by logging into the mobile app and selecting a vehicle inspection form they need to complete on the asset they are operating that day.

4. Learn how to Manage Defects

As your drivers complete vehicle inspections in the field, submitted Inspection Reports will sync to your dashboard account in real-time. When drivers 'fail' items on their vehicle inspections, it will enter Whip Around as a 'Defect'. You can view and manage the Defect in your dashboard account.

You can mark Defects as In Progress or Completed, assign a priority level, see which driver reported the issue, view photos and comments, and more.

5. Create Work Orders

If your subscription includes Maintain, you can create and manage Work Orders directly in Whip Around. Once a Defect enters the system, you can create a Work Order and assign a Mechanic to complete the repair.

You can also record Labor and Part costs associated with the repairs. You can track Work Orders assignments and see which are Overdue, Pending, or Completed. Add and manage parts and suppliers in the Inventory tab.

6. Understand the Dashboard Insights

Whip Around's Dashboard Insights will become the control room of your maintenance management, giving you a complete 360˚ overview of the health your fleet.

In Dashboard Insights, you'll be able to:

  • Set up your dashboard views and download reports

  • Analyse inspections and defects activity

  • Manage progress with the Maintenance summary

  • Plan your week with the upcoming service and work order scheduling

  • Benchmark performance with the Driver and Asset Leaderboards

You will get real-time notifications for failed vehicle inspection items that your drivers report in the field. This allows you to act quickly and devise a plan to address the defect even before your drivers return to the terminal.

Please contact our friendly Customer Success Managers if you'd like support getting set up or to attend a Training Session with them. We're only one chat away.

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